hey guys

Rob. 21. Leeds/Manchester.I like planes.

So got the first message recently message from a number I didn’t have saved. My first thought was that’s awfully kind of you but I bet it’s not a girl. Checked the number and it’s the gay guy my brother used to work with ages ago who sent me loads of text a while ago. Very odd, does he not get the hint I’m not gay?

Massive urge to go out to the apartment in Spain. If I get this job and can say I will start in a couple of weeks, I’m tempted to go out for like 5 days, just to clear my head

Think I’ll count the past 2 days as my “summer holiday”. Been really nice, early start Friday driving down to Farnborough and spent all day at the airshow which was cool, unbelievably hot and blue skies all day, then had dinner at a pub round the corner private jets going over and there was a band playing too. We then drove to the hotel which was a 4* hotel which was so nice! should have been £275 per room but we got it for £60! Which worked out at £30 each, which then included breakfast full English and everything as much as you want. On the Saturday we then drove to Windsor and it was incredibly hot again. Walked around outside of castle and round the cute town. Then drove north to Cambridge which was very lovely, all the university buildings are amazing and there were lots of graduation ceremonies going on. And we walked round the river and saw the punting and sat in nice gardens. Then drove back to Leeds and I had to catch train back to Manchester then only just managed to make the last tram back home.

The job looks good though, based down in Bournemouth! And there are opportunities to travel to air traffic control towers and centres across Europe/ Middles East on projects!

So I applied for this job on Friday, sent CV and Cover letter to the email on the job advert. Within 5 minutes this guy phone’s me up being all “Your CV looks amazing, it’s a really good job blah” and he’s basically a recruitment agency kind of place hiring people for this other company. And he talked to me on the phone for 30-45mins about the job and how well I suited and just kept repeating himself, asking me what I thought, then telling me how good it was. He phoned again later on friday but I missed his called back, but called back about an hour later and he’d forgotten what he wanted to say to me. He then added me on Linkedin over the weekend and endorsed me for about 5 skills (usually people do 1 or 2 at a time) and he’s never even met me. He then called on Monday to check what salary I said. He then called again on Tuesday saying he sent it over to the company and they’re impressed but can’t interview this week. He said he’s going this airshow im going and I said I was but thankfully a different day but he said “it”s a shame we aren’t there the same day we could have met up”. And Today he’s just endorsed me for 2 more skills?!? Who is this guy!

Fall Out Boy

—A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch Me (NO GUITAR)


A Little Less Sixteen Candles - Vocals, Drums and Bass only.

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