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Finally got my new (little) sofa this week after a month on camping chairs

Finally got my new (little) sofa this week after a month on camping chairs

I feel I need to make a decision about my career/future soon. Obviously I still want to be a pilot, I have for many years now, but…
-I now have a good, stable, job that could be very long term, it pays way, it’s to do with aviation/ air traffic management and I find it interesting.
-although being a pilot pays well in the end, starting out it’s very difficult and having to pay back large (very large) debts
-it’s not very stable unless you get in with a good company. Very quickly things can turn bad for the industry
-it’s very competitive to get into, even though they say there is/will be a “shortage” of pilots, so many kids want to do it, hence why they can charge you to go through a selection process
-even if I got onto a scheme there is no guaranteeing I will make it all the way through, something could happen with my medical.

And there are so many negatives, but I do want it so bad, just being at the controls, and knowing the technical knowledge and skills would be amazing. Before it was straight out if uni and the only thing I wanted, what do I have to loose. Now it’s; I have a stable job, my own flat and can provide for myself, if I leave this and don’t make it I would be back at square one. The other thing I need to decide is do I apply to schemes that are opening now- now being within the next 6-9months- and just drop everything and go for it if I am successful in getting on a scheme. Or do I stick at my job for 3/4 years, possibly mature and grow up a bit more and then pursue my dream. I would only be 25 then, which is still quite young, i.e. Young enough to still have a decent career as a commercial pilot. What do I doooo?





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I know I’ve said it before, but I miss Leeds so so much! Just everything about it. Living with friends, the house parties, the “edginess” of the student population, just the pure number of students about and socialising  and having people around whenever at home. I try keep myself buys down here but still, bit weird not having people around. I can’t wait to go back up in a few weeks. Although I do like having my own place and being able to provide for myself. 

I have so much respect for teachers, such a tough job!